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Helping people to scale software without waste of resources.
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Here I let some drops of bit bashing, just try it out!

João de Carvalho

My name is João de Carvalho and I've been helping people for sixteen years to scale software projects without waste of resources.

I've worked in different software projects for business automation, accounting, taxes, credit score, business intelligence and education

In 2015 I cofound maestrus.com and became his CEO and CTO till present days.

Those are my project guidelines

The coding mantra

  • Less code, less bugs;
  • Better code, less resources usage;
  • Exceeding resources is a complete waste of money;
  • DRY: Don't repeat yourself;
  • KISS: Keep it simple, stupid;
  • Good is better than great;

Working Set Ready

  • Wanna a cheap infra? Build it yourself!
  • Deploy fast as commit;
  • Have a good disaster/recovery plan;
  • Replicate all infra geographicaly;
  • Backups must restore faster than speed of pain; :]
  • Maesure and monitor everything;

And CLI for all

  • 12 CLI commands or less is all you'll can remember;
  • Huge but usefull commands should live in your .bash_aliases;
  • To be root is like gun handling, please be careful;
  • Learn /bin/ CLI first. They will save your life in case of system crashes;
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